Guangdong Zhongpeng Lightning Protection Technology Co., Ltd Focus on R & D for 10 years


Quality platform


Management policy:

Customer oriented, quality oriented;

Safe and efficient, energy saving and environmental protection;

Law abiding innovation and continuous improvement。

Quality pursuit:

Quality oriented, regard product quality as dignity.

The product quality level matches the high-end positioning of the brand.  

Implement total quality management, build the whole value chain quality management platform, and continuously optimize the quality management system.  

Set quality red line and pursue zero defect.

Quality concept:

Prevention is the main factor,Source control, through the front-end control to prevent quality problems, management to the client and supplier three section extension.

Self management,Integrate quality management into daily work, develop good work habits, and be responsible for work process and results.

Do it right once, work right at a time, product is done well at a time, and service is in place step by step, reducing quality hidden dangers and quality cost.

Continuous improvement,Through continuous improvement and innovation, the pursuit of excellence, to avoid stagnation and complacency.

We always adhere to the "quality first" principle, adhere to the management information, production automation, personnel specialization, maintain the stability of key positions, and continuously improve the product process quality and production management level.

We follow the concept of not accepting unqualified products, not manufacturing unqualified products, not outflow unqualified products, to provide customers with high quality products