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The ZP-TC20 series power surge protector is designed according to IEC and GB standards. It is composed of a varistor and a gas discharge tube. It has a strong surge discharge capability and is applied to the protection of low-voltage power distribution systems at all levels. The power distribution system (TT/TN/IT) can choose a variety of combinations, usually installed in the lightning protection zone LPZ0 B-1 subsequent zone, with ultra-high overvoltage withstand capability.

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Zhongpeng Surge Protection Device (SPD) product introduction

The ZP-TC20 series of modular surge protectors are designed according to IEC and GB standards and have strong surge discharge capabilities. They are applied to the protection of low-voltage power distribution systems at all levels, according to different power distribution systems.

(TT/TN/IT) can choose a variety of combinations, usually installed in the lightning protection zone LPZ0 B-1 subsequent zone, with ultra-high overvoltage withstand capability.

Easy-made surge protector (SPD) model description

Surge Protector-Model Meaning 40

Scope of product application

1. Building-level power distribution box     2. Building important equipment power distribution cabinet/distribution box    3. There is a power distribution box for outdoor access lines in the building    4. Outdoor power distribution cabinet/distribution box

Zhongpeng Surge Protection Device (SPD)-structural advantages

Module release.jpg

A. Module release button,Anti-vibration and easy operation

Large area arc shielding baffle.jpg

B, large area arc shielding baffle,Easier to cut off the arc

Special empty plug.jpg

C, special space plug,

safer and more beautiful

Integrated base.jpg

D, integrated base,more reliable and more beautiful

 Zhongpeng Surge Protection Device (SPD)-trip Device advantages

Other product trip devices

tripping device.png

Easy-made product release device

tripping device.png

● The rapid heat conduction of the low temperature solder joints makes the tripping more timely and accurate;

    ● Mechanical arc shielding to make arc extinguishing more effective (the creepage distance is as high as 12mm after disconnection);

  ● The tripping device does not occupy additional space, so that it does not affect the discharge capacity of the SPD;

       ● Ensure that the trip device operates before the MOV is damaged, so as to avoid fires caused by a short MOV.

 Zhongpeng Surge Protection Device (SPD)—Process Advantage

EYZAO SPD is 100% potted encapsulation

1. Better tightness;

2. The production process is complex and the cost is high;

3. Better stability, to ensure that the solder joints are free from external forces;

4. Effectively prevent the deformation of the MOV and the plastic shell to ensure its sealing and insulation performance, especially

It is used in a high temperature environment .

Under the conditions of high temperature and humidity, the encapsulated MOV is more likely to degrade, and when a surge comes, the SPD is more likely to burst.

Process advantage.png

Super high overvoltage tolerance

EYZAO SPD has excellent transient overvoltage withstand capability. Under the condition of ultra-high over-voltage, it can trip safely without catching fire, and give correct instructions. It is unique in the industry.

Take the 320V SPD as an example, add (750V) on both sides of the SPD 3 times the normal voltage (230V), 2.3 times the Uc value of the SPD (320V), the state of the SPD is as follows:

Product advantage.png

The requirements of IEC61643-11 for this product are only 337V/5s tolerance and 440V/2h failure mode. EYZAO SPD far exceeds this requirement, which is of great significance in practical applications.

Zhongpeng Surge Protection Device (SPD)—Show Picture

Dimensional drawing


Installation wiring diagram


SPD/SCB design selection table

Surge protector selection table


SPD product modelZP-TC20
SPD according to the standardIEC 61643-1; GB 18802.1; YD/T 1235.1
Nominal working voltage Uo230V /380V
Maximum continuous operating voltage UC 275V /385V
working frequency50/60Hz
Nominal discharge current In (8/20μs)10kA
Maximum discharge current Imax (8/20μs)20kA
Voltage protection level Up(In)≤1.2kV(L-N) ≤1.1kV(N-PE)
Response time25ns
Leakage current≤3mA
Continuous flow blocking capability If6kArms (L-N); 1kArms (N-PE)
Protection modeL/N-PE
Short circuit withstand capability3kA
Transient overvoltage test value TOV (low voltage system) UT (L-N)440V, 5s
Transient overvoltage test value TOV (high/medium voltage system) UT (N-PE)1200V, 200ms
range of working temperature-40℃~+80℃
Protection levelIP20
Shell materialThermoplastic, UL94-V0
SPD combination mode1P, 2P, 3P, 4P, 1P+N, 3P+N
Types of remote signal contactsSwitch contact
Switching capacity a.c250V / 0.5A
Switching capacity d.c250V / 0.1A; 125v/0.2A; 75v/0.5A
Cross-sectional area of remote signal contactMaximum 1.5mm² hard wire/soft wire

Application cases

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