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How to install surge protective device

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After purchasing surge protective devices (SPDs), many businesses still don't know how to install them and the key points of installation? When installing surge protective device (SPD), we always have a lot of worries. We don't know whether the SPD is effective after installation, and whether it can achieve the set lightning protection effect? Also worried: "this installation of surge protective devices is not the correct installation, ah, after the installation will not go wrong? Will the equipment still be damaged? " Today, let's understand the installation points and installation errors of surge protective devices!

How to install surge protective device, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Installation points of surge protective device

(1) When installing surge protective device, it is important to be close to the protected equipment.

If the installation position of surge protective device is too far away from the protected equipment, the significance of installing surge protective device is not great. In order to correctly discharge the surge current in the line, and at the same time to achieve good lightning protection effect, if it is the key protection equipment, the installation distance of the surge protector should not exceed 10m, as long as this can ensure the continuous and effective lightning protection.

(2) When the surge protective device is installed, it should be grounded nearby as far as possible.

In order to ensure the installation effect of surge protective device (SPD), if the grounding distance is too far from the SPD, the bus bar can be installed nearby to ensure that the SPD can be grounded nearby.

(3) Surge protective devices should be installed with appropriate over-current protection components

According to the new national standard, when the surge protector is facing the risk of leakage current, it should install over-current protection components in its front end, and meet the two functions of continuous surge current and quick break of short-circuit current at the same time. Therefore, only the backup protector can meet this requirement. COBIT lightning protection supporting the production of surge protective device backup protector, surge protective device or with appropriate parameters of backup protector installation, which can avoid a lot of subsequent acceptance costs.

2. How to install surge protective device, the existing misunderstanding

(1) A surge protective device is installed in multiple lightning protection zones

In a large lightning protection zone, if only one surge protection device is installed at the front end, the possible consequence is that the subsequent line is too long, surge current is generated by switch opening and closing or equipment short circuit, and the equipment may still be damaged due to surge current. Therefore, if it is necessary to protect the equipment in multiple lightning protection zones, Several surge protectors cooperate to discharge the surge current.

(2) The two-stage surge protective device (SPD) is directly installed without considering the energy coordination ability

How to install surge protective devices (SPDs), there are two kinds of SPDs on the market: one has the ability of energy coordination, the other does not. If two SPDs without energy coordination capability are installed in a very close distance (less than 5-10m), lightning protection blind area may be generated. Therefore, it is necessary to install decoupling device in two-stage SPD. However, if the SPD with energy coordination function is installed, it is not necessary to consider the problem that the two-stage SPD is installed too close, and it is not necessary to install decoupling device. Therefore, we recommend to purchase the SPD with energy coordination ability when purchasing, and the SPD produced by kouter lightning protection has energy coordination ability.