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Aspects needing attention in selection of power lightning arrester

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Power lightning arrester is an important lightning protection device for electronic equipment, which plays a key role in lightning protection. Users must choose the suitable power lightning arrester model according to their own needs. If the model does not match, it can not meet the demand, even if it is installed, it will not achieve the lightning protection effect, but will burn the electronic equipment. So, what aspects should we pay attention to when we choose the model of power lightning protector?

1、 Discharge current

Discharge current and rated discharge current can be divided into two types. The maximum discharge current refers to the peak value of the nominal discharge current waveform of the current flowing through the surge protective device (SPD). It refers to the peak current of the maximum discharge current flowing through the SPD with waveform. The maximum discharge current and rated discharge current of different levels of lightning arresters are also very different, and they are selected according to the actual needs.

2、 Interface form

There are two kinds of interface design forms of power lightning arrester, one is one port, the other is two ports. We should understand when we choose a power lightning arrester product model. Generally, one port power supply lightning arrester is connected in parallel, while two port power supply lightning arresters are connected in series. The power lightning arrester is generally connected to the parallel port of the line. If the line to be protected is transient overvoltage, the power will not be affected by any mine operation, and the normal use of the line will not be affected. But if we do not have a transient overvoltage in the line, whether the resistance of the power supply lightning protector will be reduced to infinitesimal in an instant, the power supply lightning protector can quickly discharge the lightning current and achieve the effect of lightning protection. The signal lightning arrester usually adopts two ends ports, which are connected in series at the front end of the protection equipment. This kind of lightning arrester is relatively simple to install and easy to maintain.

In addition, we should also focus on the protection level, working voltage, impulse current, combination mode and other parameters. Taking these into full consideration, we can choose a more suitable model of power lightning arrester.