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The number of lightning strokes the lightning arrester can withstand

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I believe many customers have a question, that is, whether the lightning arrester can only prevent one lightning stroke and then it will be broken. Here, I'll tell you how many times the lightning arrester can protect against lightning stroke has something to do with the lightning energy.

For example, the m60b series of power supply lightning arresters, the maximum discharge current is 60kA, and the nominal discharge current in is 30ka. According to the standard, this product should at least be able to withstand the maximum discharge current of 60kA once, and the nominal discharge current of 30ka for 15 times.

This is just a standard requirement. The actual power supply lightning arrester can withstand more times. When the surge is less than 30ka and only a few Ka, this product can protect dozens of times without any problem. When the surge is greater than the maximum current capacity of the product identification, the product may be damaged. For example, if the 60 Ka surge hits the 40 Ka lightning arrester, the lightning arrester will be damaged. The internal lightning protection chip of Shenzhen TianDun lightning Technology Co., Ltd. is a top brand, which will be more guaranteed in the area of traffic flow.