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Company advantages

  • Leading technology

    Leading technology

    Stable performance, more reliable quality: the products fully comply with IEC, GB and relevant industry standards, passed a number of tests of lightning protection device test center, Ministry of information industry and other testing institutions, and passed UL, CE, SGS, ASC and other authoritative certification. Advanced technology, more effective protection: the product has high lightning protection intensity, low residual voltage, fast response time, can timely monitor the arrival of lightning pulse, passed the 10 / 350 μ s waveform, 8 / 20 μ s waveform, 1.2/50 μ S & 8 / 20 μ s combined wave test.
  • Quality assurance

    Quality assurance

    Excellent technical R & D capability: we pay special attention to product R & D, development and innovation. We have a professional senior lightning protection expert to provide technical guidance, and have a number of senior engineers with lightning protection design and construction qualification. We are the backbone of the company in R & D, test, manufacturing, quality control, engineering and technical support.

    Strict quality control procedures: excellent product performance should be suitable for strict quality monitoring and control, and it is our purpose not to let any defects appear and quality problems damage our brand.
  • Delivery guarantee

    Delivery guarantee

    High flame retardant insulation shell. Fire resistant, high flame retardant, high quality PA66 insulation material shell has good impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, good insulation performance, safer use of insulated terminals, more secure wiring, convenient.

    We have established a comprehensive lightning test center with perfect facilities, and use advanced test equipment to test, identify and accept all kinds of key components and finished products of lightning arresters. These measures ensure that our products have superior technical performance and high reliable safety.
  • Service guarantee

    Service guarantee

    Three year warranty service: we guarantee that all products are made in the original factory, with a three-year warranty period. During this period, if there are any quality problems, we will replace them free of charge and unconditionally. After the expiration of the warranty period, we will continue to implement lifelong quality tracking service.

    We can provide customers with comprehensive on-site investigation, scheme design, product application guide, engineering case guidance, installation, technical lectures, professional system training, etc. we can also provide network technical support services and customized zero risk solutions for customers.
  • Confidentiality


    Self owned factory production, 10 years of industry experience, cost-effective, senior technical engineer team, excellent R & D technology. The company has gathered a group of technical engineers who have many years of lightning protection product production;

    Using the first-class imported automation, the product quality is in accordance with international standards, and the product price is better than that of the peer products. We have a number of skilled production line staff and experienced management personnel, as well as advanced manufacturing equipment, advanced production technology and complete testing equipment.


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